Mattress Topper Options
in Holland, MI

Mattress Topper Options in Holland, MI

At Buis Mattress, we understand that sometimes people want a soft, plush top that cradles the body, creating an ideal sleep surface for the individual. Our in-house manufactured mattress solutions provide residents in and around Holland, MI with sleep surfaces that are soft, plush, comfortable, and durable.

The Benefits of a Mattress Topper

Two sided mattresses, our competitors pillow top mattresses are only one-sided, reducing the longevity of the innerspring. In addition, the softer comfort foams break down prematurely, creating body impressions that no longer offer proper support and resulting in frequent replacement of the sleep set. The good news is that we have solutions to circumvent these issues.

Toppers can soften an overly firm mattress and relieve pressure points to help ease aches and pains and improve your sleep patterns. Our toppers also provide a customized feel and are completely removable, making them much easier to clean. Because they are replaceable, you can opt to utilize them while you save for a new mattress. We even offer two-sided options with one side firm and one side soft for added versatility and durability.

Types of Mattress Toppers

  • Change topper instead of the mattress when it breaks down

  • Change based on feel

  • Two-sided vs a one-sided mattress
  • If you have allergies you can change out your topper for the comfort of your nights sleep

Much like regular mattresses, toppers are made of a variety of materials including latex foam, high-density poly foam, polyester blend, feathers, and more. The latex foam topper comes in both natural and synthetic latex. Foam is one of the more common choices. It is particularly unique as it is made to conform to each person’s body type. Due to its flexibility, this option reduces the chances of you being disturbed by the tossing and turning of your bed partner.

Are you interested in supportive and body contouring foam? How about the firmer feeling of health-restoring latex? Give us a call us today at 616-396-6257, and we’ll work diligently to connect you with the topper that best suits your needs. You can also read our customer testimonials to see how we’ve helped others find their perfect night of sleep.

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